The part of us that bypasses the intellect and goes straight to knowing. 



"Readings guide and validate your Path"

An intuitive reading can play an important role in self-discovery. A reading can validate your imagination, awareness, hunches and deeper longings for communication and discovery.  It can give us incredible avenues of insight and understanding.

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"To grow is akin to play for the soul."

We are all seeking growth in some form or another— or we begin to die. It’s really that simple. And, there are as many ways to grow as there are people in the world! Here at the Institute, we have some profound ways to offer you spiritual growth. 


"Clairvoyance means Clear Seeing"

Intuition and Clairvoyance are united in this program to teach you how to open to your own inner vision, to begin to read auras and pictures and clear your own mythology. This is an in depth program learning to "see" with the eye of spirit. 



Now is the time. Is now the moment? Yes, it is teachable.  We have easy tools to navigate your inner terrain. The door to your inner knowing has been open since your first breath into the body.  Come pick up the owner's manual!  It will have the familiar excitement of the unknown and the known walking hand in hand.

There is so much to explore...




We begin with Women's Intuition or Feminessence What is it about female energy that is unique to the female body? Can we use this energy instead of fear it? 


Exploring the Male terrain and grounding the unique energies to the male body.  What kind of male energy is unique to you?

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Learn to turn on your healing energy and heal the aura. It's a unique experience to tune into the subtle energies and read with your hands. Have you ever been afraid and felt the touch of another calm you almost instantly?  This is their healing energy at work.  Yes, you all have it.



What if this psychic awareness was always a gift of the body for each of you to know yourself--each and every lifetime?  What if you were not taught to fear your own power within?  What if you were taught to ask your questions of life and then wait till the answer came to you?  Would it come?  What if the answers within--are in fact- within you?  What stopped you from believing this ability you had when you were born?

If you heal the Spirit, the Spirit heals the body.